Madworks Accelerator

About Madworks at Campus

Madworks is a seed accelerator operating in the heart of the University of Wisconsin- Madison Campus that provides grants, mentors, lean start-up, structure, access to next round finance, and much, much more to selected early stage companies.

The mission of Madworks is to help you succeed. Do your potential customers believe your idea is good and solves a real problem? Do they want it and will they pay for it????? Following lean startup methodology, startups are encouraged to “build, measure, learn” as quickly as possible. We look for the best people that have the ability to turn ideas into companies. We’ll provide you with capital, office space and surround you with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, industry experts, service providers and anyone else you need to get off the ground and grow. This happens during a high-energy 10-week program.

Madworks accepts early stage companies created by UW Madison faculty, staff, alumni and students as well as early stage companies from the greater Madison community.



Schedule for fall 2014

Madworks will offer a fall program starting 9/30/14 and a spring program beginning in February of 2015. Madworks will also offer a full time program during the summer of 2015.

  • Founding team MUST participate in boot camp for accepted companies to be held September 30 and October 1 from 5 to 9 pm
  • Founding teams agree to be available to meet with Madworks staff mentoring team weekly for one half hour.
  • Founding teams agree to participate in “community” events with other participating teams and outside resource presentations on Mondays between 3 and 5pm at the PURPLE building.
  • Individual company milestones set on mutual agreement between founding teams and Madworks staff.
  • Ten week commitment
  • Up to $4000 in grant funding per participating team
  • Using lean start up methods participating teams will accelerate their understanding of market place needs and viability for their product
  • Refine your pitch
  • Identify next round funding where appropriate
  • Find additional mentors/advisors/resources
  • Part time program, participating teams are expected to spend 20 hours per week

Portfolio Companies


900dpi is the easiest way for web designers and developers to create and maintain websites using the tools they already know.


CleMetric is a software company that combines the power of Big Data, stream computing, machine learning, data management, and visual discovery to deliver advanced predictive data analytics solutions for medical research, healthcare operations and health insurance.


ConfPlus provides mobile solution that distributes event information, facilities communication and networking to improve the overall participating experience at professional events. The interactive and trackable mobile advertisement can help event sponsors effectively showcase their brand, generate leads, and promote sales.


iV̇MD makes patient management software with a mission to improve the lives of patients and those that care for them. Our first product, the Digital Intern, empowers Organ Procurement Coordinators, nursing, and respiratory care staff to effectively care for organ donors increasing the number of organs available for transplant while decreasing the amount of physician time required to provide optimal care for donors.


SmartUQ brings leading-edge analytics to accelerate simulation, reducing time and costs for industries that make simulation-based decisions. Learn more about the patent-pending technology at

STELA Medical

STELA Medical will provide medical technologies and services aimed at improving patient safety, reducing healthcare costs, and fulfilling the clinical needs of end-users: Anesthesiologists, dentists, and otolaryngologists (ENTs). STELA Medical's first device, STELA, fulfills the clinical need for a universal topical anesthetic applicator that interfaces with all airway visualization technologies.


The only solution that allows anyone to be a data scientist.


Zuntik is a socially and professionally driven calendar tool that is changing to way that people find and share their events. Through our web and mobile platforms, we give users the ability to constantly have access to the events that they care most about.

Meet the Team

The responsibilities of MWC’s management team is divided into four areas.

Anne Smith is in charge of developing and implementing the MWC training curriculum. She identifies and contracts with training partners and tracks the progress of companies as they go through the 10 week process. Anne is a co-founder and Director of the UW Law & Entrepreneur Clinic. She previously served as General Counsel for Winterthur US Holdings and Promega Corporation. Anne also runs a small family business and has served on a variety of non profit boards of directors.

Eric Englund is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with other UW entities and potential private donors to the MWC organization. He also assists in marketing and business development activities to raise the profile of MWC throughout the Madison area. Eric is co-founder and Director of the UW Law and Entrepreneur Clinic. He has also served as the President of the WI Insurance Alliance and as Executive Director of the WI Society of Architects and as a partner in a Madison law firm. Eric also owns and operates a local business.

Terry Sivesind recruits and identifies outside mentors and investors that will be used to enhance the experience that companies receive from participating in MWC programs. He also helps create drop in programs at the MWC facility for people from the UW campus who are looking to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur. Terry is a co-founder in a series of local biotech firms including PanVera, Mirus, Metabiologics, Renovar and Cellectar. He was also an early employee at Promega. Terry was a co-founder of Wisconsin Investment Partners and MERLIN Mentors and he currently serves on the Board of several companies.

Louis Condon manages the daily operations of MWC. He is responsible for planning and implementing a bootcamp on Lean Start Up principles, helping develop the MWC curriculum, and facilitating classroom and community events. Louis is an attorney with experience working with start ups, and currently works as Associate General Counsel and Partnership Manager for a non-profit that commercializes education products and services.